Personnel Selection Process

Dynamic Integrated Security follows a dual selection process:

  1. Face to face interview
  2. Proof of a valid unencumbered driver's license (no outstanding current claims. i.e. DUI or suspended license)
  3. Proof of valid Class B Security License
  4. Proof of two years of previous security experience or honorable discharge from the US Military
  5. A follow up interview is conducted
  6. A voluntary drug screening is given
  7. A full background check has been completed

All steps must be passed before the applicant is considered for employment. At that time, the potential employee is given a series of three real work scenarios, which tests the applicant's ability to respond to specific incidents. Upon passing this phase, the applicant is ready for Dynamic Integrated Security training.



Personnel Development Process

We believe that communication is the key in employee retention. All employee questions are answered on a consistent basis, and there are constant positive incentives to foster employee success.
  1. The Guard Gate and Front Desk will be electronically monitored 24/7, so that we are able to follow up and respond to all guard interaction issues should any arise.
  2. Once daily at various times, a supervisor will visit the site to conduct a quality control visitation to assess job performance standards.
  3. Weekly staff meetings are held with the site supervisor to assess any site related issues.

Dynamic Integrated Security Training Program


Part 1: Six hours of classroom instruction that includes:

Florida Laws

Emergency Procedures

Ethics and Professional Conduct

Security Patrol Techniques

Report Writing

Accident Prevention Techniques

Public Relations

Team Building Exercises

Post Orders


Part 2: A minimum 8 hours of Individual on site experience that includes:

Hands-on experience with Access Control and Video Recording System

Recording System

Interaction with guests in real time

Incident Report Writing

Gate Repair and Procedures

Roving Patrol Techniques


Supervisory staff additional training which includes:

Public Relations and Group Dynamics

Managing Schedules and Record Keeping

Remote Supervision via CCTV

Accountability, Efficiency, Reliability, Professionalism

In Depth Post Orders